Perl Diver 2.31
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Perl Default Values
Perl's Default values

Input Record Separator $/ New Line
Output Record Separator $\ null
List Record Separator $" Space
Output Field Separator $, null
Subscript Separator $; 
Emergency Memory Buffer $^M; Not Enabled
List of Signal Handlers Supported by this System ZERO, HUP, INT, QUIT, ILL, TRAP, ABRT, BUS, FPE, KILL, USR1, SEGV, USR2, PIPE, ALRM, TERM, STKFLT, CHLD, CONT, STOP, TSTP, TTIN, TTOU, URG, XCPU, XFSZ, VTALRM, PROF, WINCH, IO, PWR, SYS, NUM32, NUM33, RTMIN, NUM35, NUM36, NUM37, NUM38, NUM39, NUM40, NUM41, NUM42, NUM43, NUM44, NUM45, NUM46, NUM47, NUM48, NUM49, NUM50, NUM51, NUM52, NUM53, NUM54, NUM55, NUM56, NUM57, NUM58, NUM59, NUM60, NUM61, NUM62, NUM63, RTMAX, IOT, CLD, POLL
Maximum System File Descriptor $^F 2
Current Debugging Support $^P Enable subroutine enter/exit debugging

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